Fort Lauderdale Vegetables {an urban farm}

I love food; I love to cook; I love good ingredients; I love food styling, food photography, chefs, farmers markets, innovative food, simple food, cooking with friends and talking about food with friends. So when local architect Michael Madfis started Fort Lauderdale Vegetables, I hopped on the bandwagon.

They email out a list of what’s available every Monday, you place your order on Tuesday (via email) and pick up the goods at the farm (behind Publix on Andrews Ave.) on Wednesday. I did a more explicit piece about eating local, featuring more photos from the farm, in this year’s Green Issue – will post when I find it. Today, after logging five hours at studio I came home and made a fried egg sandwich with half of an avocado and fresh basil from the farm (well, not the egg or the bread).

The farm is a cool way to utilize unused property, provide organic food and educate a neighborhood about gardening and healthy eating. They also sell at a few local green markets in the area. Here’s an article the Sun Sentinel published (June 2013) about the market on Las Olas Boulevard. And here are a few shots I snapped when picking up my produce this week. Keep in mind that it’s August, in South Florida – we’ve had a wet season, which is probably what we have to thank for all this green.

Oh, and once upon a time (earlier in 2013) I chronicled my food journeys on a blog; here’s a post I did about my first order from Fort Lauderdale Vegetables.


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